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Company History

1993.04ALF established with a capital of 30million yen
1994.04Introduced ALFARK-8000 (Note book type handy terminal with enlarged display)
1994.09Introduced ALFARK-4000 (Handy terminal)
1995.01Introduced LX series Helios (Designed as a treatment appointment reception system in hospitals)
1995.06Introduced ALFARK-100 (Designed as a compact handy terminal)
1996.06Introduced ALFARK-200 (Handy terminal with modem)
1996.11Introduced ALFARK-8200 (Tablet unit designed for sales support)
1997.02Introduced ALFARK-300 (Handy terminal compatible with IrDA)
Established Kyushu Sales & Marketing in Fukuoka
Increase of capital to 60 million yen
1998.01Increase of capital to 124 million yen
1998.03Introduced ALFARK-500 (Handy terminal with enlarged display and modem)
Introduced ENI Pharmacy (Fax system for medical prescriptions)
1999.03Increase of capital to 191million yen
1999.06Establishes ALF Engineering Inc. (Subsidiary handling customer support of ALF products)
2000.04Establishes Hiroshima Sales & Marketing Division in Hiroshima
2000.09Introduced ALFARK-700 (Handy terminal compatible with handy terminal)
2001.04Establishes the Yonezawa Software Center in Yonezawa-shi, Yamagata
Acquires certification from the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency regarding the research and the development of projects
2001.06Establishes Osaka Sales & Marketing division in Osaka Chuo-ku
2001.09Introduced ALFRK-400 (Handy terminal with a low-cost modem)
2002.04Increase of capital to 219.35 million yen
2002.09Increase of capital to 274.81 million yen
2003.03Introduced a commercial model of PDA ALFARK-800 (Linux embedded)
2003.08Increase of capital to 373.36 million yen
2004.04Merges with ALF Engineering Inc. to improve management efficiency of ALF.
2004.08Introduced ALFARK-900 (Embedded Windows CE .NET 4.2 handy terminal)
2005.01Introduced the commercial model of PDA ALFARK-890(Embedded Windows CE .NET 4.2)
Introduced the commercial model of PDA ALFARK-860(Embedded Linux)
2006.02Introduced ALFARK-600(Bluetooth/RFID compatible or out fitted with)
2006.03Moves Osaka Sales & Marketing to Osaka Nishi-ku
2007.05Moves Hiroshima Software Center to Hiroshima Minami-ku
2008.02Introduced a device to handle account settlements (Embedded with Windows CE.5.0)
2009.09Introduced ALFARK-950 run on Windows CE (Embedded Windows CE 5.0 multifunction handy terminal)
2009.11Toho Holdings Co., Ltd. (registered in first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange) offers 360million yen as new shares via third party allocation; Making Toho Holdings Co., Ltd. the top share holder. ALF becomes a consolidated subsidiary of Toho Holdings Co., Ltd.
2010.03Reduced Capital to 90Million Yen
2010.07Corporate headquarters moved to Daizawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
2010.08Introduced ALFFARK-550 (Handy terminal with modem)
2012.04Introduced Knight ALFARK-9000X (Touch panel operated wireless handy terminal Using Windows CE 5.0)
2012.11Introduced Cyclops ALF ARK-5000X (Compact light weight data collector)
2012.12Introduced Max ALF ARK-7000X (Compact light weight handy terminal)
2013.03Bishop ALF ARK-300X (M2M device with Embedded Linux)
2013.09Cylock ALX-1100 (Bacteria resistant high performance scanner)