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Information power enhancing management

ALF has always progressed as a company that intends to contribute to society by providing industry with information power to enhance management. We see it thorough with live information of the client’s needs, allowing systemization of operations. Gained know-how is then applied to development of our products, to enable them ability to solve complex and multifarious tasks they were intended for. We enhance this capability with information power in the form of network connectivity. ALF follows this method to deliver apt solutions.

Product Development Core Values

 Live Information

What functions are needed and what is not?
Extensive observations of the client’s operations are conducted and evaluation of the work environment is considered to “Opt for maximum efficiency”. In addition to our method, systematization of tasks will all ways reflect the needs of our clients.

Focus Oriented

ALF being a fabless company means that we are able to concentrate our focus solely on product development. This enables us the power to plan, research, and develop our brand of affordable yet high performance products.

Added Value

High added value is achieved because we always consider how to assist our clients to improve their operation efficiency as our top priority.

Open System

To suit various forms of network systems available today, product development at ALF incorporates open though to innovation.

Consistent Quality

ALF provides full support regarding maintenance so that quality is not just presented but is a constant to our clients.